Empowering people and the African Youth

We are passionate to help the less privileged people.

People We Have Helped

We are an NGO helping the youth to positively channel their potential in order to earn their livelihood and form a meaningful life.

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Established in July 2013 with a focus towards empowering youths towards creating a sustainable self-employment/livelihood.

Modules from the Mentorship Workshop

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Unemployed Youth Africa was established with a core mission of empowering and equipping community  people especially youths towards sustainable livelihood/employment,via training workshops and education,with notable success stories.Our beneficiaries acquire vital,valueable knowledge that propel them to launch their businesses and become sucessful,including the acquisition of soft/practical skills necessary for career development.With this operational support and capacity building,our beneficiaries scale their objectives and aspirations.We collaborate with seasoned experienced expert professionals  in our trainings and mentorship programs.

STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering &Mathematics)educational training would soon  be added to our program,as we teach the  vital need of using this approach in solving real life issues,especially in the area of Data Analysis(using statistical methods to analyse data in various industries), like finance,economics,computer science,mathematical models to predict pollution levels in environmental analysis and relationships between variables.Just to mention a few. A STEM mindset in the modern world,has become very critical in planning and implementing change that leads to achieving of sustainable outcomes.


Training Workshops on Business Grants writing skills acquisition. Building and  Retaining Productive Teams in Business  is currently on going from March 25,2023 ,with subsequent follow-up program,that coaches our beneficiaries smooth stabilization in their start ups and career developments.


Our Mission

Empowering people especially  youths  towards sustainable living.

Our Sponsors

Some of our  generous sponsors,who  have helped us to get to where we are today.

Our History

We have a core mission of commitment towards the youth.

Annual Dinner Events

We host annual events to say thanks to our kind sponsors and people who help us in our journey to decrease un-employment,as new revenue earnings are derived through job creation.  These events also help us to aknowledge our achievements. We also go through our challenges and figure out ideas to overcome them.